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A free service which allows you to add fill-out forms to your website without the need to access (or even know) CGI! We'll even write the HTML for you.

Pergatory II: Email Forms

Email forms allow you to post surveys and get information from visitors. Our forms are completely custom made.

Xavier's Free Form

This script allows you to have a form which visitors to your site can fill out and submit to you. Auto-Reply, carbon copies, required fields and more available.

Remote Software: Free-Mail

With this module you can interact with your visitors by email through your Web site. Free-Mail eliminates the need to use the "mailto:" tag and its associated hassles. It also alleviates the security, cost and implementation concerns of running local email scripts.

Response-O-Matic Form Processor

Full featured form processor lets you add forms to your web pages with no programming. Loads of documentation for beginners on setup and use. It's easy, free and fun to use.

CGI Free's FormMailer

This script will e-mail a form to you and then send the sender to the "Thank-You" page of your desire!

Web Email Lite

Web Email Lite is free and can be used from any HTML page on the Internet! Fully customizable features from URL redirection, robust and automatic parsing of all form fields, multiple email recipients (up to a 500 character limit) in "To", "Cc", and "Bcc" fields, custom formatting of other email headers, required input fields, automatic or custom email replies to the submitter and more.

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