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Computer Stuff

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OS2 Version 4 Warp CD
A Mousepad From "Guess"
Animated Gifs -- we all use 'em
Free Gift from Hewlett Packard -- contest
Garfield Screen Saver -- meow people, meow.
Abracadabra's Mousepad -- it's magic (U.S Only)
Try to win a free CD
Free Email -- yes, more free email
MicroSim CD
ITA CD -- hmmmmm
CyberSearch CD
Free E-mail Account -- like you don't already have 3 or 4
Ace for Windows -- useful stuff
Physicians Mutual Insurance Co. Mousepad -- incase you get sick by your computer? -- (U.S. Only)
Artwork for Websites -- good quality
A Guestbook for your Website
Keyboard Cover -- everyone needs a little cover now and then
AT&T's Mousepad -- no long distance charges here

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