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Art Submission Banner


If you have an original, sci-fi work of art you'd like to post here, send it to me. Be sure to tell me whether you want your art considered as freeware, that anyone can use, or permissionware, that people must get you permission before using it. I do reserve the right to refuse inclusion of any submission for any reason -- such as nudity, swearing and hate messages. I, nor Tripod, are responsible for any copyright violations here. The art below is considered to be original.

A very useful tool for making original pictures is PaintShop Pro. I used it to make the above banner in just my third time trying it out. I recommend you get to know the lasso (free hand) tool. To get a free copy, click here. If you have the means, please run your art work through a compression program to help reduce its size. Thanx! Each week, I will choose a winner from all that week's submissions to win my Original Art Award. I will also post that winner's banner, logo, or whatever below for free for that entire week.

Winner's Banner Here blueline.gif

Art Gallery #1